Authentic, high quality, fresh, and healthy products in a fast casual, upscale setting.  Our in-store bakery guarantees true, boiled, New York Style Bagels and pastries made from scratch.  Our menu includes breakfast, hot/cold sandwiches, soups, salads and specials.  We also provide wholesale and catering services to a variety of customers.
 Saturday, December 16, 2017​​​​

Today's $6 Sandwich
Today's $3.00
Coffee Special

16 oz flavored latte
topped with
whipped cream
  Mounds Mocha
( Coconut & Chocolate )
House Coffees
Light - Aristotle | Medium - Ethiopia | Dark - Zeus | Decaf
Soup of the Day
​  MONDAY:          Broccoli Cheese, Tomato Florentine                  
   TUESDAY:        Chicken & Dumpling, Green Chile    
   WEDNESDAY:  Chicken with Wild Rice, Chicken Noodle   
​    THURSDAY:  Cheesy Chicken Enchilada, Broccoli Cheese    
    FRIDAY:            Potato Bacon, Cowboy Chile  
​                      SATURDAY:     Tomato Florentine 
                      SUNDAY:          Chicken Noodle 

 Let the  Bagels come to you.
We are partnering with WeDeliver to offer delivery services for our products.  Go to www.wedeliverthings.com, or call 844-438-6348, to place your order.  Drivers will pick up the order from us and deliver it to you.

WeDeliver, offers a wide range of delivery services, so you can combine your bagel order with orders from other food establishments, and you can order things like groceries, office products, hardware, or even clothing.  Check them out.

  We thank active military and dependents for serving with a 20% discount.
 We support Urban Peak with donated bagels.
                            We thank contracted teachers and administrators for teaching with a 20% discount.
                            We thank police fire and EMT's for serving with a 20% discount.
                             We support Stratmoor Community Center with donated bagels.
                            We thank healthcare workers for serving with a 20% discount.
                            We support Urban Peak with donated bagels.
                            We support three local churches with donated bagels

1670 E. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd., Suite AB, Colorado Springs, CO 80906