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Sandwiches - $7.90
“MY WAY” Sandwich
Pick any regular Bagel
Add one or two meats: Roasted or smoked turkey, ham, pastrami, hard salami, roast beef, pepperoni, BLT, or tuna/chicken salad
Then add cheese: Cheddar, Swiss, American, Provolone, Pepper jack
Add veggies: Lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, green pepper, sprouts
Finish with condiments: Mustard, Mayo, etc.

Open-faced Deli Melt $8.92
MY WAY sandwich served open- faced with cheese melted on top.

Meal Deal
Add a medium fountain drink and a small deli side for an additional $2.08

Deli Sides
Chips, Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Fruit. $0.92/$1.85

Signature Sandwiches

Breakfast Bagel Options. Choose your bagel, then
Add spread $0.34 Butter, honey, peanut butter, jelly
Add cream cheese $1.55
Add meat $1.30 Ham, bacon, sausage, chorizo
Add cheese $0.74 American, Cheddar, Swiss,Provalone, Pepperjack
Add egg $1.74
Add western mix & salsa $0.50

Bagel with Butter $1.39
Bagel with Cream Cheese $2.60
Eggwich with Cheese $3.51
Eggwich with Meat & Cheese $4.81
Lox and Cream Cheese
Toasted bagel with lox, tomato, red onion and capers. $8.69

Baked Goods Fresh-baked Daily
Cinnamon Rolls $2.23
Muffins $1.77
Croissants $1.53
Danish $1.53
Bagel Knots $1.30
Bagel Bites $0.60
Brownies $1.39
Cookies $1.39
Regular Bagels - $1.05
Blueberry                      Multigrain
Chocolate Chip             Onion
Cinnamon Raisin           Plain
Cranberry Orange         Poppyseed
Everything                     Rye
French Toast                Pumpkin
Garlic                            Salt
Honey Wheat                 Sesame Seed
Jalapeno Cheddar        Sourdough
Sundried Tomato          Spinach Parmesan
Premium Bagels - $1.50
Cheddar                        Fresco
Swiss                             Power

Dozen Deals
13 bagels                                      $ 11.50  
13 bagels, two 8 oz cream cheese  $17.00
Half Dozen Deals
   6 bagels                                       $5.50
   6 bagels, one 8 oz cream cheese    $9.00

Cream Cheeses (all spreads use “lite” base)
Apple Cinnamon             Mixed Berry
Chipotle                         Plain
Chive                             Salmon
French Vanilla               Spinach Artichoke
Honey Walnut                 Strawberry
Jalapeno Cheddar        Veggie
Olive-Pimento                Herb Garlic
           2 oz.: $1.55       4 oz.: $2.75       8 oz.: $3.95 

Salads and Soup
Olde World Garden Salad
Tomatoes, cucumber, green bell pepper, egg slices, sweet red onion and sprouts served on a bed of crisp romaine lettuce. 
Small -  $4.11
Large – $6.05
Olde World Garden Platter
Olde World Garden Salad topped with a scoop of tuna or chicken salad. $8.37
The Chef
Olde World Garden Salad topped with roasted turkey, Bavarian ham, cheddar and Swiss cheese. $9.29
Grilled Chicken Caesar
Crisp romaine lettuce, sprinkled with parmesan cheese, croutons and topped with sliced chicken breast and a creamy Caesar dressing. $8.37
Salad Dressings
Balsamic Vinegar, Blue Cheese, Caesar, Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette, Fat-Free Italian Vinaigrette, Honey Dijon, Ranch, Thousand Island  $0.65/$1.29
Variety to choose from daily.- $4.62
Chile - $6.01

Espresso Bar
                        12 oz     16 oz     20 oz
Americano         1.76      1.91      2.13
Breve                3.28      3.84      4.21
Café au Lait      1.99      2.54      2.77
Cappuccino      2.54      3.14      3.98
Chai Tea          2.98      3.49      3.98
Cider                2.40      2.63      2.96
Espresso Shot      .74
Hot Chocolate     2.13      2.54      2.77
Latte                 2.54      3.14      3.98
Mocha               3.14      3.84      4.39
Red Eye            2.36      2.63      2.77
Steamers           2.13      2.54      2.77
- Add Soy           0.60      0.74      0.83
- Add Flavoring   0.60      0.74      0.83

Smoothies/Blended Coffees  $4.38

                          Small    Med.     Large
House Coffee     1.66     1.85      2.13
Tea Bag                         1.43
Fountain Drinks             1.66      1.85
Milk                                1.66
Bottled Water     1.66
Bottled Soda      1.66
Basic Juice         1.43      1.76

Premium Beverages             $1.99   
Energy Drinks                          $2.54
Naked Juice                             $3.37                                  

Pizza Bagel
RED:  Marinara sauce and melted mozzarella
WHITE:  Garlic butter and melted mozzarella
Add Pepperoni                                   $6.61                  
Variety of fillings made in our store.  $4.67
Bagel Dog
Quarter pound, all-beef hot dog
wrapped in a bagel                         $4.67
Lite Breakfast $4.07 Bagel, Cream Cheese & small coffee or fountain
Regular Breakfast  $5.73 Bagel, egg, meat, cheese & med coffe or fountain
Lite Lunch  $4.71  Soup or Salad and a buttered bagel
Sandwich Plus  $10.63 Any sandwich with Small Salad or Soup

Stuff for Kids $5.55
Bagel dog
Peanut Butter and Jelly on a bagel
Half pizza bagel
(includes chips and a kid’s drink)